Power Drains & Low Battery Pains: 3 Ways To Keep Power Supplied To Your Phone In The Backyard

A power outlet may be just inside your home, but keeping a cell phone by your side in the backyard while you're lounging or gardening is ideal for making calls, browsing online, and using a variety of apps. Instead of going all the way inside to charge your phone and staying out of the backyard, you can find solutions that make things a lot easier. The following three products can help prevent low battery drainage and allow you to have continuous power to your cell phone. By choosing one of these solutions, you can enjoy your backyard more often without worrying about the phone.

Extra Long USB Cables

Many standard USB cables feature just a few feet to connect your phone. Instead of being pinned right up alongside your house, you can get a little bit of space to roam by purchasing a cell phone USB cable with extended length. Some cables come in lengths of 10 feet or longer, giving you plenty of space to run the cable to an exterior plug or even through a window. While the phone is charging, the cable can reach to a patio table or other area where you are outside.

USB Solar Chargers

Many solar devices are available for charging purposes. Instead of using the electricity from your home, the sun can offer charging options for your phone. These chargers feature a small solar panel that is folded out and pointed towards the sun. A cell phone USB cable is then plugged into the solar panel and connected to your phone. This solar panel can supply power and still give you full use of your phone while you're outside. By using this product with an extra long USB cable, you have the ability to keep the charger in the sun while your phone remains protected in a shaded area.

Solar Phone Charger Cases

If your phone doesn't have a case, then you can supply protection and power with a solar powered case. The back side of these cases feature a small solar panel. When the phone is slipped into the case, there is a small charging port that slides into the phone. While the phone is outside, you can simply face the solar panel upwards and have extra charging power to operate the device. This can be used for hours as you enjoy the backyard space and still have access to your phone. An opening on the case also lets you plug in a traditional USB charging cable if the solar panel is not capturing enough power for your needs.

When shopping for cables, ensure that they are compatible with your cell phone and will work properly to charge the device.