Working From Home With Children: 3 Features To Look For In Telephone Headsets

Thanks to advancements in technology, 1 in 5 Americans have the ability to opt to work from home, and can earn an income without changing out of their pajamas. Many parents are taking advantage of work-from-home opportunities in order to save on childcare expenses. If your work involves you constantly being on the phone, it might be wise to invest in telephone headsets, so that you can easily maneuver about to care for your children and finish chores. Not all telephone headset are built the same. Here are 3 specific features that will make working at home a piece of cake.

Behind-the-Neck Support

If you're constantly going to be on the move, you want to make sure that your telephone headsets are not going to budge or fall off. While over-the-ear headsets offer maximum stability, they are also rather clunky and heavy, so they may get in your way when you're completing chores. Wearing these headsets for long periods of time may also be tiring.  On the other hand, sleek and lightweight over-the-ear headsets are not as stable, and can easily fall off.

Your best option is to opt for headsets with behind-the-neck support. This way, you can still complete chores with ease. Behind-the-neck headsets also won't interfere with your hair, so you don't have to redo your hair if you need to go out with your children after a call. Telephone headsets with behind-the-neck support also tend to be the most comfortable.

Binaural Earpads Coupled with Noise-cancelling Technology

Needless to say, working at home when you have children can get loud and noisy – especially if you are taking care of more than one child. You definitely do not want your clients and customers to hear the ruckus in the background nor do you want them to have difficulties making out what you're saying. The best way to cancel out background noise is to purchase telephone headsets with binaural earpads and with noise-cancelling technology. This way, your clients and customers can focus on the conversation at hand.

Ability to Pair with Different Devices

If you're taking care of children, there's a good chance that you're going to be on the move all the time. Make sure that the telephone headsets you choose are compatible with many different types of devices. This way, you can easily move your office with you instead of being restricted to a certain area.


High-quality telephone headsets are crucial tools for your work and business. If you're working from home, you need to be able to connect to your clients, customers and other coworkers in a flash, and quality headsets will help you do just that. Visit for more information.