Bridging The Gap Between The Television And The Internet

Television has been and still is America's favorite pastime. At least for now. While live television still has a lot of viewers, the amount of people watching television is declining. More and more Americans are streaming video online. In fact, 40% of all households now subscribe to a subscription video on demand service. Many people who subscribe to these services view video on their computers and smart phones. While these devices may be convenient, many find that they miss the larger screens of their televisions. There are many options that can help blur the line between the television and the internet.

HDMI Converters

One of the main problems when it comes to using a television to view video streamed on the internet is that television and computers often communicate using different signal types. This is where an HDMI converter can help. An HDMI converter can work with both a television and a computer and allow the devices to communicate. All high-definition televisions have HDMI connections. This is not necessarily the case with all laptops and computers. Making sure a laptop or computer is HDMI compatible is also something that should be checked before purchasing an HDMI cable. If the computer is able to be connected to the TV with an HDMI cable, this is a great low cost way to enjoy video streaming on a bigger screen.

Video Game Console

Video games are incredibly popular in the US with four out of five US households containing a device used to play video games. What many may not realize is that these video game consoles are also capable of streaming video. Since video game consoles are able to connect to the internet, most video streaming services are available to be used from these consoles. Video game consoles are a great way to bridge the gap between the television and the internet.

Smart TV

For those who are looking to purchase a new television there are now many options that already have internet access capabilities built in. Smart TVs can access video streaming services, entertainment apps, and on-demand video rentals. These TVs make connecting to the internet completely seamless. These TVs are more expensive than HDMI cables and most video game consoles. However, they are a great choice for anyone who is considering upgrading their television set.

The internet plays a large role in how people are entertained. Videos and television shows can now be watched from nearly any device. However, for those looking for a bigger screen, video streaming to a Television is a possibility. Things like HDMI converters, video game consoles, and smart TVs can make connecting the internet to the television a possibility.  For more information on converters, visit sites like