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Desktop Repairs To The Board Level

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As high-powered computing gear becomes more accessible at the home and office level, the temptation to spend a bit more on individual parts can lead to some expensive failures. Motherboards, video cards, and processors costing hundreds of dollars each aren’t easy to replace, and if you’re out of warranty or dealing with refurbished equipment, getting a free or low-cost replacement isn’t an option. To troubleshoot and repair burnouts on specific components and various boards, take a look at how computer electronics repair professionals can help. Know The Specific Limits Of A Burnout Although only a few components deal with temperatures high enough to cause a burn, every piece of computer electronics deals with an electrical load. Gold, copper, tungsten, or other metal contacts relay information in the form of electricity, which is still a form of heat. A break in these metal traces can lead to a spark, which can turn a normally harmless delivery of information into a flashpoint that burns a board. For most computer users, this means buying a new board. Motherboards and video cards are at higher risks for burns because of the high temperatures of their processor sockets (especially with video cards, since current cards as of 2016 have soldered-on processors), but smaller burn areas can be repaired by a qualified electronics repair company. Circuit traces are printed on by precision robotics and have to transfer information at a specific speed, meaning that a glob of solder melted onto the board won’t fix a burned circuit. A professionally-equipped team can do what the home soldering kit can’t by repairing the break in the trace. Keep in mind that even if you think there’s only one burned area, there may be other affected areas that require magnification to see and properly repair. Replacing Smaller Modules In addition to troubleshooting burned circuit traces, other board-level modules such as capacitors, binding clamps for sockets, and power pins can be repaired at the board level.  Many of these components may seem proprietary, but big brands may have different third-party suppliers for their smaller components. These choices may be for quality or specific programming, but there’s a chance that the replacement can be made with generic parts. Even if that isn’t the case, an electronics repair professional can still find the proper part for repair. Be careful when attempting these repairs yourself. Although capacitors and many other parts can be replaced with generic items, some items such as northbridge chips are programmed by a specific manufacturer, and may be even further programmed for the specific vendor in a way that isn’t commercially available. The maker of your motherboard or video card may be open to delivering the components, or they may restrict sales to their own certified professionals. In either case, leave the selection and replacement to a professional. Contact a computer electronics repair professional, such as those found at Contec Direct, for a direct repair of affected components when a full replacement just isn’t...

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Power Drains & Low Battery Pains: 3 Ways To Keep Power Supplied To Your Phone In The Backyard

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A power outlet may be just inside your home, but keeping a cell phone by your side in the backyard while you’re lounging or gardening is ideal for making calls, browsing online, and using a variety of apps. Instead of going all the way inside to charge your phone and staying out of the backyard, you can find solutions that make things a lot easier. The following three products can help prevent low battery drainage and allow you to have continuous power to your cell phone. By choosing one of these solutions, you can enjoy your backyard more often without worrying about the phone. Extra Long USB Cables Many standard USB cables feature just a few feet to connect your phone. Instead of being pinned right up alongside your house, you can get a little bit of space to roam by purchasing a cell phone USB cable with extended length. Some cables come in lengths of 10 feet or longer, giving you plenty of space to run the cable to an exterior plug or even through a window. While the phone is charging, the cable can reach to a patio table or other area where you are outside. USB Solar Chargers Many solar devices are available for charging purposes. Instead of using the electricity from your home, the sun can offer charging options for your phone. These chargers feature a small solar panel that is folded out and pointed towards the sun. A cell phone USB cable is then plugged into the solar panel and connected to your phone. This solar panel can supply power and still give you full use of your phone while you’re outside. By using this product with an extra long USB cable, you have the ability to keep the charger in the sun while your phone remains protected in a shaded area. Solar Phone Charger Cases If your phone doesn’t have a case, then you can supply protection and power with a solar powered case. The back side of these cases feature a small solar panel. When the phone is slipped into the case, there is a small charging port that slides into the phone. While the phone is outside, you can simply face the solar panel upwards and have extra charging power to operate the device. This can be used for hours as you enjoy the backyard space and still have access to your phone. An opening on the case also lets you plug in a traditional USB charging cable if the solar panel is not capturing enough power for your needs. When shopping for cables, ensure that they are compatible with your cell phone and will work properly to charge the...

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Creating Your Ultimate Basement Game Room: Ideas For You

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When you decide to remodel or redecorate your basement, you may decide that the time has finally come to design and create that basement game room that you have always wanted. However, what you may not know is how you are going to get started and what to include in your game room. Get to know some of the items that you may want to include in your ultimate basement game room to help get you started designing yours. A Custom Arcade Cabinet And System If you are going to commit to designing yourself a game room, then you should go all out with it. That means getting yourself a custom arcade cabinet and arcade system. Think back to the days when you would play video games at the arcade. All of the lights, sounds, and classic games made the whole experience exciting and fun. You can recreate that at home with your own personalized arcade gaming system from a company like DreamAuthentics. Newer computer technologies allow you to get the look and feel of an old arcade gaming system including the original graphics and controls, but you can have multiple games (up to hundreds) within the same arcade cabinet. This means you can get all of your classic favorites and even some of the newer games all in one personalized and customized cabinet. No true game room would be complete without some kind of arcade video game system, so why not get it personalized to suit everything that you always loved about arcades? Comfortable Lounge Seating For Modern Video Game Playing Of course, your game room is not going to be all about the nostalgic classics. Modern video games will also have a role in your game room design and set up. As such, you want to be sure that your game room has ample comfortable seating around the modern gaming station. Look for chairs that are specifically built for gamers. These chairs combine cushioned comfort and arm and back support for hours of comfortable fun. Many even come with built in cup holders and wireless speakers built into the seats. This gives you a more full and enjoyable gaming experience than you would get with ordinary sofas and recliners. As an added bonus, if you also plan to watch movies in your game room or make it a combination theater and game room, most of the nicer gaming chairs are designed to recline and provide a great movie theater-like experience as well. That way, you can get the most out of your gaming chair investment. Now that you know a few of the elements that you may want to include in your ultimate basement gaming room, you can get started in the process and design yourself a gaming room that you will love to spend your free time...

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Safety Tips When Using An Outdoor Power Cord Extension

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Outdoor power cord extension cables provide a convenient way to bring power to outdoor electrical appliances. If you are planning on doing some outdoor projects or repairs that require electrical power, it may be wise to invest in an outdoor power extension cord to help power your working tools and provide lighting. However, you need to always keep in mind the following safety tips while using power extension cables to prevent electrical accidents.  Keep them away from water Outdoor power cords can easily get exposed to rain or snow which can cause damage to the devices, so be sure to always avoid using them during a storm or when it’s snowing. In fact, the hot season is often the best time to use outdoor electrical cords because there is less risk of water exposure at this time of year. Even in the summer, avoid running the extension cord through an area where water could pool or using them near pools, hot tubs or sprinklers. This is because water from these sources could enter the extension cord and cause a short circuit that could damage the power source and extension cord.  Additionally, water can conduct electricity from the extension cord and cause an electric shock to people in a hot tub/swimming pool or fish in your pond. If you must use an outdoor extension cord near water, be sure to wrap all the outlets in electrical tape to keep water out.  Proper usage and storage Remember that outdoor extension cords will typically heat up as power passes through them, so they should be kept uncovered so as not to overheat. Avoid running the extension cords through walls, carpeting, or floors where air flow would be limited, and disconnect power anytime you notice the extension cords are too hot to the touch. In many cases, using too many devices on one extension cord could cause it to overheat, so try removing some devices and see if the overheating stops. If the extension cord is still hot, unplug it and consider calling an electrician to decipher the problem.  Additionally, be sure to avoid plugging multi-outlet extension cords into another extension cord, as over-extending the cord can cause possible sparking or overheating. When done using the extension cord, wrap the wires carefully to prevent fraying and store the extension cord indoors where it isn’t exposed to the elements. Finally, be sure to check the extension cord for damage before using it in the future. If the insulation is cracked or wires are exposed, do not use the cord to prevent fires or electric...

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Thermal Imaging Cameras Can Help Firefighters

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There are several obstacles that firefighters run into when they are fighting fires. One problem is that there are hot spots left over from the fire. Those hot spots can later flare back up and cause the fire to start again. Another problem is low visibility. Smoke can make it hard for firefighters to see what they are doing. There is one tool that firefighters can use to help with both problems. That is a thermal infrared camera, or thermal imaging camera.  Thermal Imaging Cameras Thermal imaging cameras use technology that can turn normally invisible infrared radiation into something that can be easily seen on the camera’s screen. The more heat any particular area produces, the more infrared radiation is produced. That particular area will show up as a bright spot on the camera’s screen while colder areas will be darker.   Hot Spots Thermal imaging cameras work on hot spots that are hidden in the walls, floors, or ceilings. Since the cameras don’t depend on the visible light but instead pick up the heat, they can be used to see where that heat is coming from, even if it’s through a wall. As long as the air and surfaces around the hot spot get hot, they will show up on the infrared camera.  Visibility Firefighters can’t necessarily wait until the smoke clears so that they can try to fight the fire. Waiting for the smoke to go away just means that the fire is going to get worse. Trying to fight the fire or to find someone who may be trapped in the structure can be very difficult if the firefighters can’t see where they are going easily. The thermal imaging camera lets the firefighters see more clearly. The cameras come in both handheld and helmet mounted versions. A helmet mounted camera will let the firefighter see through the smoke without impeding their ability to carry the hose, an axe, or being able to help rescue anyone.  Disaster Relief Another use that fire departments have for thermal imagining cameras is to help find survivors after any kind of disaster. The body heat of survivors will show up on the cameras, letting firefighters and other search and rescue workers know exactly where to go to find the survivor.  Thermal imaging cameras make firefighters’ jobs easier. The cameras will let the firefighters see things that they would not otherwise be able to see and let them fight the fire...

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Considering A Smart Phone For Your Teen? What They Need

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If you have decided that it’s time to get your teen a smart phone, but you worry how they will take care of such an expensive item, get them the right accessories to go with the purchase. You don’t want to pay to replace the phone in the near future, and you want your teen to learn how to care for their belongings. There are a lot of accessories that you can buy to help make the phone safe, and to make using the phone more enjoyable. Here are a few of the things you want to consider you know the teen is getting the best use out of the phone. Case A clear silicone case for iPhone 6 is a great option because it will protect the screen from shattering and stop the exterior of the phone from getting chipped. Also, clear cases will allow your teen to see the phone color that they chose to have. The silicone will absorb shock and be smooth to the touch, and often has a gel feel in the hands. The more durable the case, the less likely something is to happen to the phone. Headphones There is a wide variety of headphones to choose from today when it comes to picking out accessories for your teen’s phone, and your teen can get wireless options so they aren’t stuck holding their phone while they listen. These are great for athletes, those that have to work in confined spaces, and for those that don’t want to hold their own phone while they walk home, shop and more. Car Charger Don’t skip buying a car charger because you don’t think it will get used. You don’t want your teen to end up on the side of the road with a dead cell phone, because they left an app running or because they have been texting all day. A car charger is something they can use driving, in a friend’s car and on the go, so their phone is always charged and you can get ahold of them. Consider downloading applications on the phone so you can see where they are when you need to find them, so you can find the phone if it’s lost, and always stay connected as a family with group messaging. There are a lot of great benefits of getting your teen a smart phone if they use it responsibly, and they can have fun at the same time....

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Working From Home With Children: 3 Features To Look For In Telephone Headsets

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Thanks to advancements in technology, 1 in 5 Americans have the ability to opt to work from home, and can earn an income without changing out of their pajamas. Many parents are taking advantage of work-from-home opportunities in order to save on childcare expenses. If your work involves you constantly being on the phone, it might be wise to invest in telephone headsets, so that you can easily maneuver about to care for your children and finish chores. Not all telephone headset are built the same. Here are 3 specific features that will make working at home a piece of cake. Behind-the-Neck Support If you’re constantly going to be on the move, you want to make sure that your telephone headsets are not going to budge or fall off. While over-the-ear headsets offer maximum stability, they are also rather clunky and heavy, so they may get in your way when you’re completing chores. Wearing these headsets for long periods of time may also be tiring.  On the other hand, sleek and lightweight over-the-ear headsets are not as stable, and can easily fall off. Your best option is to opt for headsets with behind-the-neck support. This way, you can still complete chores with ease. Behind-the-neck headsets also won’t interfere with your hair, so you don’t have to redo your hair if you need to go out with your children after a call. Telephone headsets with behind-the-neck support also tend to be the most comfortable. Binaural Earpads Coupled with Noise-cancelling Technology Needless to say, working at home when you have children can get loud and noisy – especially if you are taking care of more than one child. You definitely do not want your clients and customers to hear the ruckus in the background nor do you want them to have difficulties making out what you’re saying. The best way to cancel out background noise is to purchase telephone headsets with binaural earpads and with noise-cancelling technology. This way, your clients and customers can focus on the conversation at hand. Ability to Pair with Different Devices If you’re taking care of children, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be on the move all the time. Make sure that the telephone headsets you choose are compatible with many different types of devices. This way, you can easily move your office with you instead of being restricted to a certain area. Conclusion High-quality telephone headsets are crucial tools for your work and business. If you’re working from home, you need to be able to connect to your clients, customers and other coworkers in a flash, and quality headsets will help you do just that. Visit for more...

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The Perfect Gifts For A High School Graduate Preparing For College: Skip The Gift Cards

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If you have a friend or family member heading off to college and you aren’t sure what to get them, there are some great options that aren’t your typical gift card or bedding set options. There are some things that they’ll actually need and use. Instead of getting things that they may not want, get them things that will help them learn. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider wrapping up when you head to their open house. Transcription Recorder There are some professors that don’t allow you to have your cell phone present in class, and you can’t have it on your desk while the professor is lecturing. If you still want to record the lecture so you can use it for your notes, a transcription recorder is a great option. The student can take that back to their room and use a transcription recorder software to print out notes. Check out sires like to start looking at the different types of recorders.  Pepper Spray This is a great gift for a boy or a girl, because you never know who is walking around campus throughout the night. Pepper spray can be sprayed in someone’s eyes to stop them from attacking another person, so the victim can run away. There are many different sized bottles that can be put in a backpack or purse with discretion. Safe Get the student a small safe that they can put under their bed or somewhere in their space. This is going to be something they can put their cash in, a tablet or smart phone when they are at class, or any type of documents that they may need to have at school. It’s easy for a college kid to walk out of a dorm with a phone or something that could be theirs; walking out with a safe will be a bit distracting and hard to miss. If you aren’t sure what to get your college graduate and you don’t want to be another person just to give them some cash, and you don’t want to get some décor for their room, these are items they will actually need. You can also ask if there are any special types of calculators, books, lab materials or supplies, or other items on their list that you could pay for and get as a gift. This would make starting school much more affordable for them in the...

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Top 4 Accessories For Your Twin Mattress

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Whether you purchase a standard twin mattress that measures 39 x 76 inches or a twin X-long at 39 x 80 inches, you’ll want to pick up a few accessories to go with it. These accessories may serve to make the mattress more comfortable, or to add a sense of style to the overall bedroom. Here are the top four must-have accessories for your twin mattress.  Mattress Topper There are many mattress toppers on the market, which means you can easily find a topper that fits your needs. There are soft, pillow-like mattress toppers that provide relaxation for sweet dreams, as well as active support mattress toppers that supply those with back problems a more firm option. Also on the market are gel-filled toppers, memory foam toppers, and toppers that are hypo-allergenic for allergy sufferers.  Sheets Every twin mattress needs a good set of sheets. Before picking out your favorite pattern, you’ll need to make sure you’re getting the right size. In addition to the measurements mentioned above, you’ll need to know the depth with the mattress pad on it. If it ranges between 7 to 14½ inches use a standard sheet set, however, if the range falls above 14½ inches, you’ll need a deep sheet set.  Pillows Another accessory that can be used to decorate your twin mattress is a set of pillows. Of course you’ll need pillows to rest your head on at night, but you can also pick up a few throw pillows to add a bit of character to your bed during the day. If you have a day bed, you can also arrange pillows across the back of the bed so that it can be used as a sofa in the daytime. This is an excellent option for college students, as well as anyone who has a studio apartment.  Twin to King Converter Kit Perhaps you’d like to purchase two twin mattresses and turn them into a king bed. With a twin to king converter kit, this is easy to do. A center pad runs in between the two mattresses and then a belt wraps around both twin mattresses to hold them in place. Now you’ll have twice as much space to spread out.  Utilizing the above mentioned accessories will take your twin mattress to a whole new level. You’ll look forward to coming home each night for a peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams. If you’re looking for a mattress dealer in your area, visit Merlins...

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Bridging The Gap Between The Television And The Internet

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Television has been and still is America’s favorite pastime. At least for now. While live television still has a lot of viewers, the amount of people watching television is declining. More and more Americans are streaming video online. In fact, 40% of all households now subscribe to a subscription video on demand service. Many people who subscribe to these services view video on their computers and smart phones. While these devices may be convenient, many find that they miss the larger screens of their televisions. There are many options that can help blur the line between the television and the internet. HDMI Converters One of the main problems when it comes to using a television to view video streamed on the internet is that television and computers often communicate using different signal types. This is where an HDMI converter can help. An HDMI converter can work with both a television and a computer and allow the devices to communicate. All high-definition televisions have HDMI connections. This is not necessarily the case with all laptops and computers. Making sure a laptop or computer is HDMI compatible is also something that should be checked before purchasing an HDMI cable. If the computer is able to be connected to the TV with an HDMI cable, this is a great low cost way to enjoy video streaming on a bigger screen. Video Game Console Video games are incredibly popular in the US with four out of five US households containing a device used to play video games. What many may not realize is that these video game consoles are also capable of streaming video. Since video game consoles are able to connect to the internet, most video streaming services are available to be used from these consoles. Video game consoles are a great way to bridge the gap between the television and the internet. Smart TV For those who are looking to purchase a new television there are now many options that already have internet access capabilities built in. Smart TVs can access video streaming services, entertainment apps, and on-demand video rentals. These TVs make connecting to the internet completely seamless. These TVs are more expensive than HDMI cables and most video game consoles. However, they are a great choice for anyone who is considering upgrading their television set. The internet plays a large role in how people are entertained. Videos and television shows can now be watched from nearly any device. However, for those looking for a bigger screen, video streaming to a Television is a possibility. Things like HDMI converters, video game consoles, and smart TVs can make connecting the internet to the television a possibility.  For more information on converters, visit sites like...

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